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Aeromix Systems - Your aeration expert

We offer all major wastewater aeration technologies and the expertise to help you select and apply the equipment best suited for your application. Our products are used worldwide to improve water quality, treat wastewater, help foster aquatic life, control icing, remediate groundwater and beautify water bodies.

Aeration and mixing are widely applied technologies. Aerators and mixers come in a variety of forms including mechanical devices, diffuser systems, static devices, aeration tanks, membrane systems and chemical systems.

AEROMIX stays on the forefront of these technologies by continued research and innovation. Our Engineers and Researchers continually evaluate new ideas, new testing methods and new applications. We are dedicated to providing our customers with thorough, technically based designs to meet their needs. Let our technical experts assist you in proper sizing, layout and operation of your aeration system.

Our worldwide network of Representatives and Distributors stand ready to assist in designing cost effective systems to meet your treatment needs and support you with quality service for years to come.

Submersible Aspirator Aerator 2-100 Hp (1.5 to 75 kW)

Ideal for aeration and mixing in digesters, equalization tanks and aeration basins, this 360 degree radially mixing aeration system provides uniform air distribution for fullfloor coverage. Adjustable air diffuser lengths customize each installation and adapt to rectangular or circular basins. Unit can operate as aerator/mixer or just mixer. Completely submerged operation and high oxygen transfer. All stainless steel construction.

Surface Aspiring Aerator 2-100 Hp (1.5 to 75kW)

The unit provides horizontal mixing and aeration ideal for wastewater treatment and supplemental aeration of lagoons and other large basins. Mounted on floats or brackets, this unit features a solid shaft, sealed bearings, and large non-fouling propeller. Optional nonskid work grates provide a safe maintenance platform. Corrosion resistant stainless steel construction - even the floats.

Low Profile Mass Transfer System 3 to 9 aerated chambers

This low profile mass transfer system is ideal for air stripping, aeration and air scrubbing. Constructed entirely of rugged polypropylene and stainless steel, it features CYCLONE II diffusers, patented depth control, and a throttle for system optimization. There are no trays, no packing, and no media making the system very easy to maintain. Individual units are capable of handling flow rates up to 200 GPM (757 LPM) with transfer rates exceeding 99.99%.

Low Speed Aerator 2-150 Hp (1.5 to 110kW)

Float or fixed mounted, this unit uses a partially submerged rotating turbine to effectively stir the basin while creating intense air-to-water mixing, resulting in high oxygen transfer. The rotor is specially shaped to throw off debris. Applications include wastewater treatment, leachate treatment, supplemental aeration and SBRs.

High Speed SurfaceAerator 2-100 Hp (1.5 to 75kW)

This unit produces high pumping rates with a low trajectory for intense air-to-water mixing, resulting in excellent oxygen transfer. Features include a stainless steel foam-fill float, stainless steel non-clogging impeller and stainless steel intake cone. Ideal for wastewater treatment, leachate treatment, supplemental aeration and SBRs.

Package Diffused Air System

Complete drop in and retrievable diffused air grid system includes diffusers, stainless steel drop pipe, flexible air supply line and optional air blower. Simply install the drop pipe, connect the header, wire the blower and your system is complete. Use systems individually or grouped together to meet most aeration and mixing requirements in deep wastewater basins.

Induced Air Flotation System 1/3 to 5 Hp (.25 to 3.75 kW)

The system creates micro-fine bubbles which adhere to various solids, lifting them to the surface for eventual skimming or disposal. An inexpensive alternative to a DAF system.

Custom Coarse Bubble Diffuser Piping Systems

Perfect for digesters, aerated grit chambers and deep aeration basins. Stainless steel piping systems with non-fouling diffusers are custom designed for your basin. Diffusers feature a diamond shape with 3 levels of air discharge and a bottom deflector to keep debris out. Custom piping systems made to fit your basin.

1987 AEROMIX Systems, Inc. begins operations
TORNADO Surface Aspirating Aerator Introduced
1988 CYCLONE Coarse Bubble Diffuser Introduced
1989 AquaTORNADO Surface Aspirating Aerator Introduced
1990 ZEPHYR Induced Air Flotation System Introduced
Largest floating aspirating aerator installation in the world at the time - Pulp and Paper Mill in Arkansas
1991 BREEZE Compact Air Stripper Introduced
1992 HURRICANE Submersible Aspirating Aerator Introduced
Next Generation 1-10 Hp TORNADO Aerator Introduced
1993 Partnership with The TORO Company formed
1996 Next Generation 15-40 Hp TORNADO Aerator Introduced
Largest floating aspirating aerator installation in the world at the time - Municipal installation in Mexico
1997 New Generation HURRICANE Aerator Introduced
1998 TWISTER Slow Speed Aerator Introduced
MIST Fine Bubble Diffuser Introduced
1999 Largest submersible aspirating aerator installation in the world at the time - Municipal installation in Mexico
BREEZE II Compact Air Stripper Introduced
2000 MONSOON aerator development